A luxury glamping experience in the rain forest.

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Rain Forest Glamping Experience

Crabwood Cottage

Hog Plum Cottage

Mosaic Plunge Pool

At Mt. Pelier Cottages, our goal is to make you as relaxed and close to nature as possible. The land is bursting with wildlife from birds (inc. Tobago National Bird the Cocrico), lizards, red-rumped agouti, common tree frogs, green iguanas, collared peccary, and mongoose. Whether you are visiting for peace & quiet, to Carnival & Party, with family/friends or to explore the island and its wildlife Mt. Pelier Cottage is your ideal location to get to know Tobago.

Our caretaker Kelyn is available 24/7 to help and support our guests with all their needs. Bespoke arrangements can be made by emailing with your booking Reference and your arrangement details.